Mark Karjaluoto- my playing 

These clips are to give you an idea of the kind of playing that I do. I like all sorts of music... not just the stuff that I'm playing here.

Studio projects:

Perry Royston/Wolfchild: I was invited to play drums and hand percussion for this solo artist in 2007. The taping happened at Rick Irvine's Cheslatta Records studio. You can hear some samples from the completed record here


Dearhounds: for a few months in 2010 and 2011, I played drums with this Kitchener band. The older songs I played on were removed from youtube, but the audio is available for download here.

Jody's Song

Running Away

Cover of Smiths' Bigmouth Strikes Again


In 2007, I spent some time getting a couple of studio samples recorded of my playing.

Set the Ray to Jerry: this is a funky little number by the Smashing Pumpkins... adapted to my own style. The first bit is in a weird time... two bars of four, then one bar of two... a very cool, oddly tense piece. It's not the full song, but you get the point: SettheRaytoJerry.mp3

Soloing: just some goofing around. I like to tell a story with my drumming... loud, soft, sometimes fast, other times with wide open spaces. I hope you like it: Solo-ish.mp3

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