Mark Karjaluoto: my musical work

I've really enjoyed the number of opportunities I've had musically.  

Given my work life, music for me these days is more about fun and relaxation. I would like to change that (see my meeting musicians page for more).

Here's what I've done through my time as a musician...



  • Drum set (1988 to now)
  • Concert and hand percussion (1987 to now)
  • Piano (1983 to 1993; started again in 2006)
  • Bass guitar (1996 to now: it was the best way to stay musical when I couldn't bring a drum kit into my dorm at university)



  • Royal Conservatory of Music: grade nine piano with related theory
  • Private drum lessons (now and again) 
  • High school band geek (so long ago that it doesn't count) 


Musical groups

  • Drummer for Kitchener band "The Dearhounds" (November 2010 to January 2011)
  • Studio drummer and percussionist for Perry Royston/Wolfchild (for Cheslatta Records) in 2007
  • Drummer for hire: substitute drummer for rock and hard rock acts in Prince George (2005, 2006)
  • Hand percussionist for the "In The Mood" big band (2006) 
  • Drummer for "The Lucky Punks" jazz quartet (1996)
  • Drummer for "Busiest People Ever" jazz quintet (1994 and 1995)
  • Drummer and percussionist as a high school band geek ("That reminds me of this one time, at band camp...") 


Written work (PDF files to be posted in the near future)

  • Modern Drummer Magazine
    • January 1999: "Drumming in a high school band"
    • Accepted (awaiting publication): "Drumming in the community" 
    • Accepted (awaiting publication): "The sound of silence"
    • Accepted (see the front page of the site for more): "Into the metal: a look at bronze cymbal alloys"
  • BC Musician Magazine
    • Monthly column on drums and drumming