Mark Karjaluoto- a multi-instrumentalist in Waterloo, Ontario

Thanks for dropping by!

This is my "I'm hunting for musicians" page. Hopefully you'll get an idea of what kind of musician and person I am, and want to jam sometime. I'm relatively new to the K-W area, having transplanted myself across the country from British Columbia in mid 2008.

Please have a look around. And if you're ever interested in jamming, drop me a line at


Sound files...

I have some more recent files from a band I was part of in late 2010/early 2011, as well as a studio session from 2007. The clips are on my samples page. 

December 2007 Modern Drummer cymbal alloy article...

Now that the magazine has been out for a while, here's the PDF version of the cymbal alloy article I wrote for Modern Drummer magazine out of New Jersey.

Into the Metal: Modern Drummer magazine, December 2007.