Welcome to my homepage! I am a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Economics at McMaster University. 

My research interests include Industrial Organization, Platform Strategies, Microeconomics, and the Digital Economy. My research focuses on the economics of platforms. Examples include smartphones, video game platforms, and Airbnb. In my job market paper, I measure platform market power and consider the effects of platform mergers. I use data on the sixth generation video game market to determine market power of gaming platforms and to consider the effects of hypothetical mergers in the video game market. In another paper, data on Airbnb are used to determine tax compliance by platform users (Airbnb hosts) and the effects on pricing, entry, and elasticities that result when the platform becomes a tax enforcer. 

I am available for interviews at the ASSA meetings in Philadelphia.

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Mailing Address:

Mark J. Tremblay

Department of Economics

McMaster University

Kenneth Taylor Hall, Rm 441

Hamilton, ON, L8S 4M4, Canada