WebParts Example

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Sample images from the database-driven parts lookup system for robots put into place at Saturn.  No special software needed to be loaded onto any plant clients to access this information, as it was all done with a basic web browser on every PC in the plant.


The first screenshot shows a sample page when a user selects a KR-150L robot.   The system allows the use of photos taken on-site for point and click interface to the parts lookup.   You can also select items from the listing below the image if a part name is what you are after.




This second screenshot shows how the user can select from alternate views (selectable by the text links immediately above the image).  In this case, the user may prefer the technical drawings from the OEM's manuals.

If a user clicks on a section that contains subcomponents, in this example, it is the waist section of the robot, the web page will show the appropriate zoom into that area of the robot.   Holding the mouse over any particular item will pop up a "tool tip" that gives the noun description of the part the user is hovering over.

Clicking on a part that has no sub-assemblies, and is a stocked item, will pop open a window that retrieves relevant part number and description information from a database.   If the database also stores additional information, such as storage location and quantities available, this can also be displayed.