My primary research interests are in Web search and data mining, social Web applications, social networks, visualization and mobile devices. Other interests include computer vision, high performance computing, and anything startup-y.

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Research Statement

A barely more formal bio:
I am currently an architect at Mobileiron and lead the data projects.

I was the Chief Scientist and a founding team member at an early stage startup Syfto.com.  We worked with advanced techniques for ontology generation, recommendation, and categorization.  Prior to Syfto, I was the Chief Technology Officer at ListenLogic.  We mine social media to infer demographics and psychographics.  ListenLogic is the main social listening platform for pharma.  

I received my Ph.D. in May 2009 from the Department of Computer Science at Indiana University Bloomington. My research interests are in Web 2.0, tagging systems, Web mining and network analysis. My dissertation discusses the discovery of relationships among tags and resources mined from collaborative tagging systems.  These relationships in turn lead to improved recommendation, navigation, and spam detection on the World Wide Web.  Before pursuing my Ph.D., I worked as an IBM software engineer developing various applications.  Additionally, I was a staff researcher at ISI Foundation in Turin, Italy.  I received my B.S. and M.S. from the Department of Computer Science at Northern Illinois University.


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My thesis advisor Fil Menczer is also the leader of the NaN group.  Thank you for all your help Fil!  My pet project is:

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Help us out and donate/import your bookmarks?

We had a paper accepted to AIRWEB 2009 titled "Social Spam Detection" with some very promising results.  Check it out!

So I was funded by a generous NSF grant through Fil.  He might deny it, but I swear I helped him get it :).


I keep a blog and a twitter feed.  One is kept more up to date than the other.  Can you guess which one?
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