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Markianopolis or Marcianopolis was founded by Emperor Trajan (AD 98-117) and named after his sister Marciana (possibly Marcia) and was populated of mainly Greeks of Asia Minor origin and Thracians. Their trade consisted of pottery, metal processing, arms and glass. It issued coins from the reign of Commodus (AD 177-192) continuously through about AD 248 Philip II (AD 247-249) after it successfully repelled an attack by the Goths. It was partially destroyed in AD 250-251. In AD 447 it was attacked by Attila the Hun. Its ruins are in a village called Devnia (Reka Devniya or Reka Devnia) 43° 20' N, 27° 36' E (google satellite map). It is close to the current town of Burgas (google satellite map) in Bulgaria. It was 18 miles inland from the Black Sea, north of European Turkey. Moushmov's page on the coins of Markianopolis. My page on Elagabalus' coins of Markianopolis.


An autonomous coin from Markianopolis. Obverse: Woman's head right covered with a veil with turreted crown. Reverse: Cybele seated left, holding patera in right hand and resting on a drum with left hand. The diameter is 18mm and is 4.01g, die axis 15 deg Reference: Moushmov-359, Jekov

Septimius Severus

Obverse: AY k L c¥P c¥vhpoc (AY K L CEp CEVHPOC) Laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust right. Reverse: v FL ovLPianoy mapkianoPoLit (V fL OVLpIANOY MAPKIANOpOLIT). Eagle standing facing, head right, with wreath in beak. It was minted under Legate (Magistrate) Flavius Ulpianus between 208-210 AD based on the Legate.  The diameter is 27mm and is 9.69g, die axis 45 deg. Reference: Moush-389, Varbanov 818 (R4), Jekov (R2), AMNG I 584, BMC III Thrace 8. Septimius Severus (wikipedia) reigned 192-211 AD and was the great uncle of Elagabalus. The Severan Dynasty family tree from wikipedia. Note: Elagabalus is listed under Heliogabalus.  My page with coins of Septimius Severus from Markianopolis.


Obverse: P c¥PTI G¥TAc (p CepTI geTAC) bare headed, draped and cuir. bust right. Reverse: Reverse: mapkianoPoLitVn (MAPKIANOpOLITwN) Eagle facing. The diameter is 19mm and is 2.37g, die axis 180 deg. Reference: Varbanov 1107 (R3), Jekov (R2), not in BMC III Thrace. Geta (wikipedia) was Septimius Severus' youngest son. When his brother Caracalla was named Augustus in 198 AD, Geta was named Caesar. Septimius Severus named him Augustus and co-ruler along Caracalla in 209AD. After his father's death in 211 AD, his brother Caracalla had Geta murdered to obtain complete control over the empire. The Severan Dynasty family tree from wikipedia.


Obverse: avt k oPeLLi cevh makpeinoc (AVT K OpELLI CEVH MAKPEINOC)Reverse: vP Pontianov mapkianoPoLitVn (Vp pONTIANOV MAPKIANOpOLITwN). Wrapped snake with radiate head up. It was minted under Legate (Magistrate) Pontianus between Apr 217 - Jun 218 AD. The diameter is 25mm and is 7.93g, die axis 15 deg. Reference: Moush-522, Varbanov 1140 (R6), Jekov, not in BMC III Thrace. Front and reverse legends taken from only example in Jekov & Varbanov. Macrinus (wikipedia) reigned from April 217 - June 218 AD. He was second in command after Caracalla had taken control of the empire after Caracalla was murdered. He defeated and killed by an army proclaiming Elagabalus emperor.


Obverse: m oPeLLio n antVneinon k (M OpELLIO N ANTwNEINON K) Bareheaded, draped, and cuirassed bust right. Reverse: mapkianoPoLeitVn (MAPKIANOpOLEITwN). Artemis advancing right, drawing bow from quiver and holding bow; behind, dog leaping right A G the left field shows that it was worth 3 assaria. It was minted between 217 and 218 AD. The diameter is 23mm and is 7.46g, die axis 0 deg. Reference: Moush-588, SNG Budapest 157, AMNG I 786; Varbanov 1313 (R2) Jekov (R4) 1 would have obverse legend as k oPeLLio n antVneinoc k (K OpELLIO N ANTwNEINOC K), while 2 would have obverse legend as m oPeLLio n antVneinon k (M OpELLIO N ANTwNEINON K), BMC III Thrace 39. Diadumenian (wikipedia) was the son of Macrinus and served briefly as Caesar under him from May 217 to 218 and as Augustus in 218 before being put to death and having his head given to Elagabalus as a trophy.

Severus Alexander 

and Julia Maesa

Obverse: Avt k m avp ceyh aLezanDpoc ioyLia maica (AVT K M AVP ALEZANdPOC IOYLIA MAICA ) laureate & cuirassed bust of Severus Alexander facing diademed & draped bust of Julia Maesa. Reverse: yP tib iovL Fhectov mapkianoPoLitVn (Yp TIB IOVL fHECTOV MAPKIANOpOLITwN). Hera (Juno) standing left, holding patera and scepter; E in field to left. It was minted under Legate (Magistrate) Tib. Julius Festus between 225 and 229 AD, based on the Legate, according to Jekov. The diameter is 26mm and is 9.59g, die axis 195 deg. Reference: Moush-732, Varbanov-1868 (R4). Jekov for different posture and E on left side. AMNG I/1, 1051, pl.XIX, n.14. In AMNG, the reverse is from the same die. Moushmov, p. XIII.9, illustrates both sides of the Sofia specimen and both sides are from the same dies, Not found in BMC III Thrace. Severus Alexander (wikipedia) was the cousin of Elagabalus. He ruled from 222-235 AD. Julia Maesa (wikipedia) was both Elagabalus and Severus Alexander's grandmother. The Severan Dynasty family tree from wikipedia. Note: Elagabalus is listed under Heliogabalus.

Gordian III and Tranquillina

Obverse:Avt k m ant GopDianoc avG c¥b tpankvL L¥ina (AVT K M ANT gOPdIANOC AVg CeB TPANKVL LeINA) laureate, draped & cuirassed bust of Gordian III facing diademed & draped bust of Tranquillina. Reverse: vP teptvLLianov mapkianoPoL i t Vn (Vp TEPTVLLIANOV MAPKIANOpOL I T wN) Athena standing left, holding spear and resting on shield; E in field to left. The diameter is 26mm and is 8.92g, die axis 195 deg. Reference: Jekov for itVn (ITwN) in right field rather than LitVn (LITwN) or tVn (TwN), Varbanov 2033-2036 depending on if the V and gamma are joined (2033 and 2035) and if it is c¥ tpankvL L¥ina (Ce TPANKVL LeINA), c¥ tpankvL Leina (Ce TPANKVL LEINA), c¥b tpankvL Leina (CeB TPANKVL LEINA), or c¥b tpankvL L¥ina (CeB TPANKVL LeINA) respectively 2033-2036 list rarity as (R3), BMC III Thrace 90v for itVn (ITwN) in right field rather than LitVn (LITwN) and without an owlGordian III (wikipedia) ruled from 225 AD to 244 AD. There were not any coins minted between the time of Severus Alexander and Gordian III.

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