Online Counselling

Online counselling can benefit people who may find travelling to a therapist difficult for any number of reasons. Online counselling can provide the support you need, based upon your terms, to fit around your life style or work schedule.

Like face to face counselling the client expresses their thoughts, feelings, problems and concerns. I will respond with empathy, honesty and in a non-judgmental manner offering new perspectives and insight. Exploring your thoughts and feelings can prove therapeutic in itself, and some people find they are able to express themselves better in familiar surroundings.  

Skype video link
Within this forum we interact in real time, receiving and responding to our verbal dialogue during the pre-arranged 50 minute session.

Online counselling can work with most of the emotional issues that face to face therapy can help resolve. There are, however limitations to online counselling for example when working with children or family groups. Online counselling is not suitable for crisis situations or more serious mental health issues. If you require immediate help please call your local Samaritans.

I take the following steps to safeguard your confidentiality and the privacy of our therapeutic relationship:

  • I protect my computer with a firewall and anti-virus software
  • My computer requires a password to unlock it and my methods of online counselling is further password protected.

To get started with online counselling send me an initial e-mail outlining any issues you may have and how your day to day life is affected. 

I will respond explaining if your issue is suitable for online therapy, and if so, suggesting what online therapy can offer. The service up to this point is free. If you decide to proceed I will send you a client agreement. A method of payment can be arranged, and off we go. As with face to face therapy we work at your pace, frequency and duration.

If there is anything further I can help you with, please do not hesitate to e-mail or telephone me.