MARK M HERD is a native of Los Angeles, born in Santa Monica and a descendant of one of the founding families of Encino.  He has both a Jewish mom and Daniel Boone in his family tree.  In particular, he has a stake in the 26th District, its prestige and its quality of life.  He has lived most of his life in Westwood and has a background in political solutions spanning fourteen years and twenty states.  Mark was a congressional candidate for the 33rd District in California in 2014 and the founder of what became the leading Neighborhood Council (Westwood) in Los Angeles in 2010.

Mark has extensive experience in sales and marketing in the electronics, automobile, and security industries.  He is a frequent speaker at sales meetings, conventions, political events, city council and town hall meetings, conventions, political events, city and town hall meetings.

Mark speaks passionnately for many causes and has run for office.  In 2013 he ran for the Los Angeles City Council winning 26% of the vote.  He has been elected to both the Westwood Neighborhood Council and the Westwood Homeowners Association board of directors.  Mark created MARK HERD POLITICAL SOLUTIONS in 2012 assisting candidates and causes in over 20 states.