DCC Brakeman

The following is a picture of the HO/N scale DCC brakeman UNASSEMBLED.  It consist of two parts.  A base and the BrakeMan itself.

When placed on the DCC powered track, the LED will light up allowing you to get an indication of power.

The base has large gold plated contract that will sit on HO or N scale track.  On the other side, one solders the DCC brakeman at right angles to the base so he stands upright.  You can see where his FEET solder to in the bottom photo.  It the two gold plated pads.   This create a ridged setup which means the brakeman can be damage if squashed.  Optionally you can use just the small holes with small gauge solid wire that will allow the brakeman to "bend over" if somehow squashed.

One must cut the PCB connection between the Base and the Brakeman which is that narrow portion of the PCB space between them.  Between the LED and the letter "A" or NMRA in the middle photo.  File the cut as needed to clean it up as required.  Do not bend the PCB back and forth to separate the two halves.  

They are apparently are available from the Train Shop in Santa Clara California.

(408) 296-1050

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