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PowerCab Radio Option

The PowerCab can be upgrade to support a cab radio if you send it in to NCE after calling them first.

However, adding the radio does NOT do what you might think it will do.  Specifically, when using the PowerCab to run a layout, the radio will not work.  

Why? The PowerCab must still be plugged into the PCP panel as before so the layout can get power over the WIRES from the PowerCab.  You cannot send power over the radio.

When can you use the Radio?

The radio's value is limited to ONLY operating on layout that already has a dedicated NCE command station (SB3a or PowerPro) along with a Radio Base station such as a RB01 or RB02.  Here the PowerCab is not used as a PowerCab at all but just as a ProCab.   Operating as a "cab", the PowerCab can now use the "cab radio" built inside to talk to the command station via the RB01/02 just like any other radio cab does.

Why does NCE not sell a Radio version of the PowerCab?

NCE choose NOT to sell a PowerCab with a radio for the very reason it can create confusion in the market place.

1) It would appear to offer a feature than in fact is not supported out of the box.  A form of false advertising.

2) People would be paying a higher PowerCab price for something they cannot use out of the box.

Why do you need to call NCE for a PowerCab Radio Upgrade?

When you call NCE to request a radio upgrade to the PowerCab, NCE will make sure you understand what it is being offered when you do this.  In other words make sure YOU are fully informed about how it will and will not work so there is no misunderstanding.