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Cab06e / Cab06p

PowerPro System Compatibility (Does not apply to PowerCab or SB3a based systems):

The Cab06 is first cab to use some features developed long ago inside the PowerPro DCC system.  Unfortunately the features did not work correctly and as a consequence, a software upgrade of the PowerPro system is required depending on which version of the Power Pro you have.  

What is the problem?  Locomotive numbers above 4095 will not display properly but the cab will work.

How do I tell I need it?  If the Command Stations Eprom (Software) date is:

1) 3/01/2007,  or 3/01/2007A then it needs to be upgraded.

2) 3/01/2007B or 3/01/2007C then it is okay for use with the cab06.