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Cab04P / CAB04E

MODELS COVERED (in picture order): CAB04E / CAB04ER / CAB04P / CAB04PR

CAB04ER:  ENCODER KNOB with radio
CAB04PR:  POT KNOB CAB with radio

CAB04 has evolved over time.  Originally the CAB04 was just a POT knob.  The knob works like your volume control on a old stereo.  Physical rotational stops at the stop and full speed points.   The knob, all of which have a black line on them, gives you a physical indication of the speed setting.  The position of the knob was directly tide to an absolute speed.

Later the CAB04 was offered with a Encoder Knob.  An Encoder Knob offered the ability to pick a train in motion and take control without changing its speed when you turn the knob.  The Encoder Knob was a RELATIVE SPEED control device.  Turning it to the right simply said take the speed your at now and make it go faster.  Likewise turning the knob to the left said take the speed your at now and make it slow down.
The introduction of a ENCODER CAB04 being produced along side the POT CAB04 forced a change in the model numbers.  The model numbers got a E or a P after the CAB04.  So the CAB04 became offered in the CAB04E and the CAB04P version.

Later versions of the CAB04E were offered with a toggle switch on the top.  This allowed the operator to control two trains at once with the flick of a switch.

Radio was supported and when it was installed, added a R suffix after the CAB04x name.

The Status LED gives you status information about the state of the keyboard and button press action.

1) When the LED was off, the keypad was being used as a function control keypad.  Each key number was a function number.
2) When the LED was on, the keypad was setup for data entry of something like a engine number or a macro number.
3) The LED would always blink when a button was pressed.  It did not matter if the LED was ON or OFF.   This gave you physical verification that your button was pressed.


All in current production.

CAB05 / CAB06