NCE EB3 DCC Circuit Breaker

The NCE EB3 is a discontinue product.  It has been replaced with the NCE EB1.  However, it is possible to modify the EB3 so it is compatible working with multiple sound decoder presenting a high inrush current load. If you do not understand what the problem is, go here: Inrush Current (Sound Decoders)

There is a fix for the EB3 that involves using light bulbs.  Rather than reproduce the solution here, I would like to point you to Marcus's website which has a good writeup about how to install the fix.  

That alternative is to replace the EB3 with a sound decoder (high inrush current) compatible DCC circuit breaker such as the DCC specialties PSX series of DCC circuit breakers or NCE own EB1 DCC Circuit Breaker.  To learn more about the NCE EB1, go here: NCE EB1 DCC Circuit Breaker

Quick EB3 Compatibility Fix discussion

The problem in a nutshell is the capacitors on sound decoder equipped locomotives need to be recharged but done so in a way that does not cause a short circuit.  The parallel light bulb solution works because it limits the current available to a low level that does not shutdown the booster.  Assuming the cause of the real short circuit is gone (derailed trucks or something like that), the current is allowed to flow through the bulb and recharge the capacitors during the time the EB3 is still shutdown.  When the EB3 finally wants to auto-reset itself back to normal (turn back on), the capacitors on on the sound decoders are now charged up enough to not create the appearance of a short circuit anymore.