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NCE Info

The NCE portion of this website is in a slow process of moving over to a seperate NCE website.  To see the NCE website, go here:

This section is dedicated to providing information about all of these systems that is not commonly found on the NCE website, buried in the documentation or just plain not known including NCE product history.  There are many topics listed at the BOTTOM of this webpage.  You can also navigate to them using the menu on the left. 

To best way to navigate deeper is to click on the triangle to the left of the words "NCE Info" link in the left column near the bottom. 

Below is a brief summary of the the 3 DCC systems offered by NCE.

1) Starter System: PowerCab.  (Left 1st picture below)
2) Mid Range: SB3a + PowerCab (PowerCab Upgrade, SB3a is shown 2nd picture)
3) Full System: PowerPro. (3rd picture below)
4) Simple Trainset: DCC Twin: (4th picture)

To learn more about each NCE system, go to the NCE DCC SYSTEMS webpage.