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About Mark Gurries


Mark Gurries is a professional Electrical Engineer (since 1984) and lives in San Jose, California (Silicon Valley).  His experience in "Mixed Signal" (Digital and Analog) circuit design with expertise in Power Supply and Power Management design. This background directly applies to DCC technology.  If you want to know more about Mark's technical background, go to this link.


Mark is a member of both the NMRA, PCR and the OpSig group and attends many NMRA conventions around the country where he presents his NMRA DCC Clinics.  He is also involved in his local NMRA Coast Division and PCR events.  

Mark has some history with the development of JMRI Decoder Pro.  To learn more, go here:  JMRI Decoder Pro History.  There is also a New York Times article about DCC that he contributed too along with others from the bay area.  To learn more, go here:Newspaper Article About DCC


Mark has been a model railroader since 1973 and since 1975 worked on many large private and club size layouts doing the wiring and in some cases laying track which are his two favorite activities.  All the large layouts are located in the south of San Francisco in the "Silicon Valley" area (San Jose Ca).