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Book of Quests

Turtle College Quest, by Adriana
"She sometimes took walks in the dark, long night, wondering where to get a job, but she couldn't get one because she had no hands."

Armadillo NBA Quest, by Mathew
"There were some problems, and those problems were running, jumping, and slam-dunking."

Dolphin Dentist Quest, by Lisbeth
"'You have to know how to use the tools!  It's a good thing I have some dentist books."

Turtle Restaurant Quest, by Derrica
"'I am sorry but you can't work here because you stink and you're too slow.'"

Armadillo Soccer Quest, by Allan
"He can't make a goal.  Even if he is almost going to make it, he still misses."

Giraffe Quest, by Diana
"Problem #7:  She cannot fit in the building."