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Previously in The Marketstone Campaign ... (Season 2)

For their next job, the party headed to the city of Westport and the employ of Abraham Hall, a wealthy merchant and business associate of Bertrand Kitchener. Hall hired the party to recover a gemstone from an area of Westport known as The Warren, a notorious hub of underworld activity. The gemstone was rumored to carry a highly infectious rotting disease, so Hall issued the party with a specially enchanted protective box so that they could transport the stone safely once they had found it.

The party infiltrated The Warren only to discover the aftermath of a particularly violent outbreak of inter-gang warfare. Furthermore, it soon became clear that the Tannen and his friends weren't the only ones looking for the gemstone. A group of cultists of Elgren, a god of pestilence and decay, had also fought their way into The Warren and were keen to secure the gem for their own nefarious practices.

After various battles with gang members, cultists, rodents and a particularly bizarre snail-like creature, the party eventually located the gemstone and we're able to escape from The Warren by a combination of mine cart and boat to claim their reward from Hall.

However, yet again, the party's exploits raised some troubling questions. Why was Abraham Hall, a respectable merchant, so keen to possess a gemstone with such sinister properties? And what is Hall's involvement with Kitchener? Moreover, where did the cultists come from and how did they know about the presence of the gemstone in The Warren? It seems that the recent goblin invasion of The Coastwood to the north isn't the only cause for concern ... 

Previously in The Marketstone Campaign ... (Season 1)

In response to a reward posted by Bertrand Kitchener, landlord of Marketstone's Wheatsheaf Inn, the party ventured north in search of Alma Grenewell, the wife of a local farmer. According to her husband Alan, Alma had been snatched by a group of goblin wolf-riders and taken north towards a forest known as The Coastwood.

Venturing into The Coastwood, the party were aided following a wolf attack by a strange old hermit and his bear companion, Barnaby. The hermit was already aware of the goblins presence in the forest and offered to direct the adventurers towards the goblins' cave provided that the party agreed to eliminate them.

The party entered the goblins' cave and killed the occupants. However, they could find no trace of Alma, some of the goblins suggesting that their leader had taken her north to a "… tower up on the coast". Furthermore, a sinister goblin shaman hinted that there were bigger plans afoot.

On the return journey to the hermit’s cave after plundering the goblins' lair, the party stumbled across a scrap of Alma's dress caught in the branches of bush. From this they picked-up a trail that led to another set of caves, this time occupied by group of bandits. It turned out that in a recent encounter with the goblins, the bandits had captured Alma and were now demanding a significant ransom for her safe return. When negotiations for Alma's release were unsuccessful, the party infiltrated the caves, rescued the farmer's wife, and claimed their reward.

But certain questions remain unanswered. Why did the goblins kidnap Alma in the first place? What of this coastal tower? How many goblins remain at large in the wilderness north of Marketstone and what are they up to? And will Paladin ever get to ride on Barnaby?

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