This site is a sample site showing wonderful ideas and guidelines for marketing yourself as an artist using Google Sites and other handy applications provided by Google, including Google Documents, Picasa, Google Videos, and additional tools.

I will not explain how each of the Google Applications work.  I will provide links to the Google Introduction Videos for each element that I use.  this is merely a guide for artist's that are not necessarily web savvy.  Google provides a free, easy to use method for developing a website that will market you as an artist.

In addition, Google will create a web address for you that will look something like this:

Please do note that it is ALWAYS better to have a website url that can be easily remembered and entered into browsers, such as:
It is possible within the Google Sites framework to build a site with your very own URL, but you first have to purchase a domain name.  Jennifer Slegg offers some tips for choosing a domain name.

If you find you have any questions, while perusing this site, please email me at rachel@cottonstudios.com.  Odds are if you have a question about something, others will as well.

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