Buzz Marketing

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    Marketing buzz or simply buzz a term used in word-of-mouth marketing — is the interaction of consumers and users of a product or service which serves to amplify the original marketing message, a vague but positive association, excitement, or anticipation about a product or service. .

    Examples of products with strong marketing buzz upon introduction were Harry Potter, the Volkswagen New Beetle and Pokémon. 

    The term "buzz marketing" originally referred to oral communication but in the age of Web 2.0, social media such as Facebook and Twitter are also being used to create marketing buzz.

    Buzz marketing works because individuals are easier to trust than organizations that may be perceived to have vested interests in promoting their products and/or services.

    A buzz marketing campaign is anything which spreads like a viral among the targeted consumers creating anxiousness and excitement about the product in a positive manner which can lead to trials and generate purchases of the product.

    It usually involves Word Of Mouth marketing strategy which nowadays is usually done through electronic and digital media such as telephone calls, emails, sms, face book messaging, etc. 

    Research proves that this form of marketing is 10 times more efficient in initiating action than other communications because there is greater credibility of the product when someone who you know refers it rather than getting convinced by the usual television or print advertisements.

    A recommendation by a friend, family member, or even an acquaintance carries higher levels of credibility than does an advertisement.

    Buzz marketing can be generated in the following ways:

    - Consumer who truly like a brand and tell others

    - Consumer who like a brand and are sponsored by a company to tell others

    - Company or agency employees who tell others about the brand

    These messages can be delivered in person or via the internet in chat rooms, blogs or e-mails.

    Buzz marketing stages: 

    inoculation – incubation – infection

    Buzz marketing preconditions: first the product must be new, unique and perform better than current brands. The brand should standout and has distinct advantages over current products on the market.

    Buzz marketing works for two reasons:

    - First people often trust someone else´s opinion more than paid advertising.

    - Second people like to render they opinions. They like to share their thoughts.

    Sharing an opinion can build a person´s ego and sense of self-worth, especially when opinion leads to happiness or satisfaction with a particular product