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     To increase traffic to your website, one of the most powerful Internet Marketing Tools is the use of Traffic Exchanges.  Most of these exchanges have FREE Memberships available, as well as , the ability to upgrade and drive even more traffic to your websiteI want to introduce you to four sites I am currently using which are producing the needed results, traffic.

Popular 1:1 Traffic Exchange
     The first site is EasyHits4U.  This site is just like it proclaims, very easy to use.  The site is rated number one among traffic exchange sites and has over 230,000 members.  Not only will the site bring your website traffic but it pays you for surfing others members sites.  As a free member, you get a 1:1 surfing ratio with a 2o second timer.  They will throw in a bonus page every 25 or 50 pages to earn you extra credits or drawing tickets.  They, also, have a premium membership which gives you the capability to list unlimited sites.  You will get a 1:1 ratio with a 15 second timer.  All in all, the ease of using this site is what makes it so attractive.  If you have never used a traffic exchange site, start here.
     The second site is Traffic Splash.  This site is highly rated and usually in the Top 5 of all traffic exchange sites.  Free Members surf ratio is 3:1 and you qualify for surf rewards.  The Premium Membership surf ratio is 1:1 with loads of extras which make upgrading almost a must at this site.  The site is not as user friendly but once you get the hang of it you will like it.  The biggest plus is the 10 second timer.  You can surf a lot of sites with a 10 second timer.  All and all, I would join this site next.
free manual traffic exchange
     The third site is Thumbvu.  This is a new traffic exchange site which is creating a lot of interest in the industry.  The main reason is because they are integrating social media with traffic exchange.  You can actually check out the person whose ad you are viewing.  Plus, they have a thumbview picture of your website on view before a person clicks on the link.  It is a 1:1 surf ratio for the FREE and the Upgraded Membership.  With the Upgraded membership, you get extra credits and a higher affiliate commission.  I like everything about this site except the limit of sites.  Even upgraded members can only list 10 websites.  All and all, I really like this site.  It would be third on my recommendation list but first if you want to integrate with the social media sites as you surf.
     THIS IS A MUST JOIN SITE.  Making big news on the traffic exchange circuit is SWEEVA.  This traffic exchange burst on to the scene and is setting all kinds of new standards for the industry.  This is the brain child of Jon Olsen, Tim Linden and Austin Hallock, three of the brightest minds when it comes to traffic exchange sites.  The system is different than any other exchange out there, so far.  They have chat, this is not new, but the way they utilize the chat is great.  You can get immediate feedback on any page you choose to advertise.  I now use this site to test any ad campaign before I launch it on other sites.  You can connect with other marketers via their profile page.  I am making some great contacts on Sweeva.  I highly recommend you join this site and upgrade immediately.  Once you get the hang of it, you will find this as an invaluable tool for your marketing on-line.
     I would recommend using traffic exchanges to drive traffic to your site.  When used correctly, they can be a valuable Internet Marketing Tool.  For more information on Internet Marketing, please check information at Catherine D. White.

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