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10 Steps to Startup


These web pages are for anyone  thinking of starting or expanding a business. With some adaption, the pages can be useful for any project at work or home. Consider the pages to help with a career or life plan, house search etc.


Putting together any significant project is likely to be a complex undertaking, very demanding of time, effort and money and not without risk. To deal with the complexity, raise the chances of success, and save time and money, it makes sense to follow a "road map" to guide the effort."10 Steps" provides such a road map.


Apply "10 Steps"! It will increase chances of success...and a business plan-if needed- naturally flows from the work.


Here are the 10 Steps:


Step 1-The Objective 

Step 2-The Idea (the business, the product, the career, etc.)

Step 3-The Target 

Step 4-The Needs

Step 5-The Features

Step 6-The Plan

Step 7-The Decision

Step 8–The Preparation

Step 9-The Launch

Step 10-The Results

 "10 Steps" is easy to apply.

  • The "Apply It Now" section provides a way to proceed right away.
  • The "Example" section provides a worked out example for a business start up project.
  • The "More on Step 6 " section  insures customer needs are considered.
  • The "Tool Kit" section reviews useful problem solving and other tools.
  • The "Business Plan" section shows the results from "10 Steps" in a business plan format. Step 6 is a good place to start writing a business plan if needed.
  • The "Financial Projections" section provides thoughts on developing cash flow projections.
  • The "Financing, Structure, Taxes" section includes some useful information for startups.


Thoughts on the material are welcome to Please include "Startup 10" in the title of the email.


Best regards,
Tom Doughty


Copyright by Tom R. Doughty 2010-All rights reserved.

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