Liquid gel flow insoles for all-day foot massage therapy...

quid Gel Insoles:

Cushion, massage and absorb pressure with every step. 
The single chamber of fluid displaces weight equally.
Stimulates blood circulation, eliminating hot, burning feet.
Made from non-toxic liquid gel. 
Hand washable and odor resistant.
Wear in all shoes; boots, flats, heels and flip flops too!
(Carefully cut a slit in line with the thong of sandal, stopping before last guide line)
Get your Body Shocks today!

Available Sizes: (US sizes)
Women’s Small 4 - 6.5
Women’s Medium 7 - 8.5
Women’s Large 9 - 11
Women Wide 9 1/2 - 11 (Men's Small)
Women's XL 11 1/2 -13 (Men's Medium)

Men’s Small 7 - 9
Men’s Medium 9.5 - 11
Men’s Large 11.5 - 13.5



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