Interactive Short Fiction Competition

held February 15, 2008 

Thanks to the following entrants in the 2008 Interactive Short Fiction Competition:

And the winner of first place, with a $50 cash prize, is....

    Mrs. Pepper's Nasty Secret


Mrs. Pepper's Nasty Secret captured the spirit of the competition quite well.  It is an enjoyable, polished work of interactive fiction, suitable for all ages, with a small number of rooms, concise prose, a clearly defined goal, several puzzles, and no way to lock yourself out of a win.  (For the full list of design criteria, the original contest information is still available).  Furthermore, the source code is exceptionally well organized and commented, making the game a wonderful learning tool as well.  The game was a bit longer than the ideal target of being playable by a beginner in under one hour, but it comes close enough, and makes so many other concessions to beginners (such as extra IF tips and a full context-sensitive hint system), that this entry remains the strongest of the four.

Thanks again to all the participants!  Many of the entries were by first-time authors, and I'm pleased that this contest inspired them to create.

Each of these entries is also involved in the IFBeginnersComp, similar to this contest, but the winner is determined by a public voting process.  Check it out, and cast your votes.