During my B.Tech life i did many projects. Those projects are listed here

  • HackPro: HackPro is a tool, I developed in VC++  for administrators to monitor and manage the network.It uses various hacking techniques to hack your own network (to test  stability of your network)
  • Tamil OCR: I have developed an OCR(Optical Character Recognition) software for printed Tamil Text. 
  • Keyboard Latency Based Authentication: Its a paper and software that describes that how can you authenticate a user using his typing pattern.
  • ACE Portal: This is based portal that i have developed for my department  association  activities.
  • JAVA IDE: JAVA IDE is the Integrated development Environment for Java programmers. I have developed this in VB6
  • Stegnographer: this is a tool for hiding the text and files into an Image.
  • Dr. Desktop:Dr. Desktop is a complete framework that i have developed for Rural Health Care.
  • Gallivant: Gallivant is my final year project  that is a application for mobile users for symptom based medical diagnosis.