I am a currently a Drollinger-Dial Post-doctoral Fellow in Functional Ecology at the University of Montana, North America.

I am, or have recently been, a Scientific Reports Editorial Board member (2013-present), BES Review College member (2012-present), a BES Books Task and Finish Group member (2016-2017), Review Editor for Elsevier’s Encyclopedia of Animal Behaviour (2016-2019), EOU council member (2017-2021) & Ornis Hungarica Editorial Board member (2021-pesent).

Address: Division of Biological Sciences, University of Montana, 32 Campus Drive, HS 104, Missoula MT 59812, North America.

Email: mark.mainwaring@mso.umt.edu


Whilst I have broad research interests, the majority of my research falls within four main areas:

(1) ecological effects of weather conditions, (2) ecology of animal nests, (3) ecological effects of urbanisation, and (4) social behaviour and evolution.

Ecological effects of weather conditions

I am using tropical passerines to examine how weather conditions influence breeding birds with Bret Tobalske (Montana, USA), Tom Martin (Montana, USA) and Blair Wolf (New Mexico, USA). I'm also editing a special issue of Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution on ‘The impact of weather on the behavior and ecology of birds’ with Stuart Sharp (Lancaster, UK) and Andreas Nord (Lund, Sweden).

Ecology of animal nests

I am using tropical and temperate passerines to examine how weather conditions and natural / sexual selection influence nest site selection and nest design with Tom Martin (Montana, USA) and Bret Tobalske (Montana, USA), and egg characteristics in birds with Mark Hauber (Illinois, USA) and also in dinosaurs with David Varricchio (Montana State, USA).

Ecological effects of urbanisation

I am using blue tits and common blackbirds to examine how urbanisation provides opportunities and problem for birds with Juan Diego Ibáñez-Álamo (Granada, Spain), Petra Sumasgutner (Vienna, Austria) and Jim Reynolds (Birmingham, UK). I am a founding member of the ‘URBICON’ working group.

Social behaviour and evolution

I am using blue tits and common blackbirds to examine the behavioural ecology and population dynamics of birds with Ian Hartley (Lancaster, UK). I am also an active member of the ‘Studies of Populations of Individual Birds (SPI-Birds) Network and Database’ that is headed by Marcel Visser (NIOO, Netherlands).