My Style of Counselling

How I can help You

I work in a person-centred way which means that you will lead the therapy and discuss whatever you wish to explore. I will support you through the process exploring options whilst looking at your feelings and thoughts in the present and support you in finding the right way that fits for you.

The aim is to help you to fulfill whatever goals, wishes or desires that you feel will benefit you in your life so that you can begin to be open to your own personal experiences, trust in your own feelings and to live a fulfilled life where you’re satisfied and able to function better.

Short term and long term counselling is available – Long term can be anything from 6 months to a year & short term can be 12 weeks or much longer. The main aim at Inspire is to fully support you into leading a more fulfilling life with the gained awareness from counselling support.

Inspire Counselling also signposts clients for additional support that can help them as well. This can be after or during the counselling process.