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PhD (Mark Bydder's PhD Thesis)

SUPER (Combination of Signals From Array Coils)

DEMARK (Detection and Elimination of Motion Artefacts)

PFPP (Partial Fourier Partially Parallel Imaging)

SVD (Noise Reduction in Multiple Echo Data Sets)

Density (Evaluation of Optimal Density Weighting)

Optimization (Optimization of SENSE)

Phase (Optimal phase difference reconstruction)

Fat (Relaxation effects in the quantification of fat) 

Spect (Optimal coil combination for spectroscopy)

GRAPPA (Nonlinear regularization strategy for GRAPPA calibration)

Fat / Iron (Assessment of liver fat quantification in the presence of iron)

Phase (Solution of a complex least squares problem with constrained phase)

Phase constrained fat/water (Constraining the initial phase in water–fat separation)



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IEEE Transaction on Medical Imaging

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Selected Books

Numerical Recipes in C (Press) 

Numerical Methods for Least Squares Problems (Bjorck)

Digital Filters (Hamming)

Handbook of MRI Pulse Sequences (Bernstein)


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