Mark Borgschulte
                                   Assistant Professor of Economics

Research Papers

Air Pollution and the Labor Market: Evidence from Wildfire Smoke, with David Molitor and Eric Zou, Submitted

Run For Your Life? The Effect of Close Elections on the Life Expectancy of Politicians, with Jacob Vogler, IZA Discussion Paper 10079, Revision requested at Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization

Minimum Wages and Retirement, with Heepyung Cho, Accepted for publication at Industrial and Labor Relations Review

Paying to Avoid Recession: Using Reenlistment to Estimate the Cost of Unemploymentwith Paco Martorell, American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 10:3, July 2018, 101-127.

A Path Out: Prescription Drug Abuse, Treatment, and Suicide, with Adriana Corredor-Waldron and Guillermo Marshall, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 149, May 2018, 169-184.

Work in Progress

Does Idleness Beget Idleness? Persistence and Heterogeneity among Idle Youth, with Yuci Chen, Xiaoyu Xia and Jin Yan

NAACP Growth from 1919-1956, with Dan Aaronson and Bhash Mazumder 


The Effect of Presidential Service on Life Expectancy, Unpublished Mimeo, UC Berkeley, 2014 



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