Mark Bearak is a Project Architect at the Office of Design and Architecture in New York and an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Architecture at Columbia GSAPP.

Mark is a licensed architect primarily on residential architecture. He was born in Chicago, but has spent time in North Carolina, Georgia, France, California and finally New York. He studied architecture as an undergraduate at Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta which led him to Paris, where he focused his studies on the mathematics behind Le Corbusier’s architecture. He later  received a Master of Architecture degree from Columbia University in 2008. 

Throughout his working career he has garnered over a decade of experience, four of which were spent working in Los Angeles. His architectural interests focus on parametric design and innovative fabrication techniques with experimental materials and over the past eight years he has taught a variety of classes on these subjects at Columbia GSAPP. He has used these classes to educate as well as refine his architectural ideologies. 

Mark is also an avid runner; while living in Los Angeles he worked as a running coach for Nike which led him to become a marathon runner. After running dozens of marathons he has found that running not only gives him physical health, but also mental strength and a serene outlook on life. Philosophically, he believes you get further with a carrot than a stick.