Sh Fawzaan Lessons

An index of lessons conducted by Sh Fawzaan in the year 1441H. This will help non-Arabic students to easily follow Sh's lessons, different books he is going through and particular sections of the book covered in each lesson

All other lessons were conducted during the following dates  1. 19th Oct 2019 - 26th Nov 2019 & 2. 15th Feb 2020 - 18th Feb 2020

1. Al Muntaqa Min Akhbar Syed al Mursaleen  (Saturday, Malaz after Maghrib)
2. Ighatatul Lahfan (Sunday, Malaz after Maghrib)

3. Kitab Al Kabaair (Monday, Fayha after Fajr)
4. Sharh Aqeedatut Tahaawiyah (Monday, Malaz after Maghrib)

5. Bulugh al Maram (Tuesday, Fayha after Fajr) 
6. Fathul Majeed - Sharh Kitaab At Tawheed  (Tuesday, Malaz after Maghrib)

Google Maps for Masjid in Malaz (if using normal taxi state Malaz electric market or Shari' kehruba) 

Lessons and Fataawa of Sh Fawzaan with good categorization