Summaries of Lectures, Articles and Books along with link to the Audio file / bookstore 

Groups & Individuals & Partisans 

Dawrah Ilmiya and Dawah Events 

Rulings Pertaining to Fighting in Islam 

Current affairs and Events 
  1. Atrocity committed in New Zealand 15th March 2019
Aspects of Married Life 
  1. Book Summary - An advice exclusively For Husbands
  2. The righteous husband - Lecture by Abu Idress at Masjid us Sunnah in Cranford, West London

Influence of Western Societies 

Heart Softeners

Arabic Learning 
  1. Audio - Short Audio on Importance of Learning Arabic by Abu Hakeem Bilaal - (High Quality)
  2. Audio - Importance of taking Notes and Revision - Includes a simple approach to revising- Abu Ishaq Nadeem (Taken from end of Class 3 of Sharh Al Aajrummiyyah)