Summaries of Lectures, Articles and Books along with link to the Audio file / bookstore 

Groups & Individuals & Partisans 

Dawrah Ilmiya and Dawah Events 

Rulings Pertaining to Fighting in Islam 

Current affairs and Events 
  1. Atrocity committed in New Zealand 15th March 2019
  2. Protests and Demonstrations - Viewpoint of Ahlus Sunnah and Salafis
Aspects of Married Life 
  1. Book Summary - An advice exclusively For Husbands
  2. The righteous husband - Lecture by Abu Idress at Masjid us Sunnah in Cranford, West London
  3. Upholding Marriage Series - 5 Parts - Ustaad Sh Abu Hakeem Hafizahullaah

Influence of Western Societies 

Heart Softeners

Arabic Learning 
  1. Audio - Short Audio on Importance of Learning Arabic by Abu Hakeem Bilaal - (High Quality)
  2. Audio - Importance of taking Notes and Revision - Includes a simple approach to revising- Abu Ishaq Nadeem (Taken from end of Class 3 of Sharh Al Aajrummiyyah)