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Madeenah Book 1 - Online Interactive Programme 

Classes are taught by our noble brother and elder Abu Ishaq Nadeem Ahsan Shah (Jeddah, KSA) 

Registration: Students can register by sending an email

Schedule: Classes are held every week (Saturday) - Timings are generally around/post Maghrib time in Saudi Arabia (subject to change)  

Highlights of the Course

1. Full English translation provided 
2. Opportunities to ask questions during the class 
3. Each concept is explained in detail and simplified manner 
4. Many examples are given from the Qur'an (the actual source of Arabic Language) 
5. You get a chance to practice what you learn - as teacher asks the students to recite various sentences 


1. Main Text of Book 1 pdf
2. Key to Book 1pdf
3. Solutions to Book 1pdf
Madeenah Level 1 Side Books
4. Writing for Level 1 pdf
5. Reading for Level 1pdf
6. Expression for Level 1 pdf
7. Sharh of Madeenah Book 1 by a teacher from the Madeenah University - pdf
8. Madeenah Book 1 Vocabulary Bank - pdf

A note about the teacher:

Br Abu Ishaq is a graduate from Madeenah University (1999) and have since been involved in spreading the message of Daawatus Salafiyyah, the dawah of Tawheed in his home country (West London, UK) and elsewhere.
He is one of the brothers responsible for setting up one of the first Salafi masaajid in the UK in the year 1999 - Masjid Us Sunnah Cranford - 
Br Abu Ishaq is well respected amongst the Salafi community in the UK/Saudi