"You Blew Me Up You Bastard!"

Offering a PR service from beyond the grave.

If you're killed by an act of terrorism, the newspapers and television stations will use whatever photo they can

Whether graduation...


...your holiday snaps...


...of if you're really unlucky, CCTV images...

None of these express the anger, the rage, even the disappointment your disembodied spirit will feel at having your life untimely snuffed out.


That's where "You Blew Me Up You Bastard!" comes in. We'll store a photo of you, giving it large at the terrorists what done you in, and in the event of your body being blown to bits by a suicide bomber, we'll supply your disgusted image to all news services.

So don't let your death stop you telling the terrorists how much they stink.


Richard, London, UK. "Is that all you've got?"

John, London, UK. "Pesky Terrorists!"

Dan, Liverpool, UK. "Come on, you pansy!"

Mark Robinson, Dundee, UK. "Nyaaaaaaaaa!"

Lisa, Sandbach, UK. "Here I am Motherfuckers........."

Oli, Birmingham, UK. "Come on now.....There's no need for that"

Brandon, Fort Campbell, USA. "This one's for the 101st Airborne Division"

Brett, Houston, USA. "Cheers! Good aim! Fuck you! See you in Hell!"

David, London, UK. "Grrrrr!"

James, London, UK "Spank you very much!"

Mike, Roseville, USA. "Now I'm seriously ticked off!"

Sarah, Dunstable, UK. "Wanna fight????"

We're all alive... for now, you bastards!!!