The Moffatverse

A guide to the continuity ins and outs between the work of Steven Moffat. All contributions welcome.  


Norbridge High School is a central location in Press Gang. It is also the neighbouring school mentioned in Chalk.

Standler Street is where Susan Walker lives in Coupling. It is also the location of Dr Jackman's basement flat in Jekyll.

There is a Wellside Gold Club in Chalk. There is a Wellside Leisure Centre in Press Gang:The Big Hello

Sherington is a neighbouring town to Norbridge in Press Gang and repeatedly mentioned... Sheringham Hospital is a similarly named location in Jekyll


Malcolm Bullivant is the name of a bully in Press Gang. He also appears in Chalk defending his sister.

Jason Wood is a pop star played by Suggs in Press Gang. In Chalk, the pupil Edward Arthur is a fan of Jason Wood.

Dr Clipstone is clinical psychiatrist in Press Gang:UnXpected and in Chalk.

Steve Taylor from Coupling and Mark Taylor from Joking Apart are thematically related by surname.

Donald Cooper is a clown in Press Gang:The Last Word. David Jefford was a pupil of Galfast High in Press Gang:Monday/Tuesday.

Mr Sullivan is the Deputy Head at Norbridge High in Press Gang. In references quoted for Miss
Trippley in Chalk, he has become Headmaster.

They both appear as pupils in Chalk.


The pornographic video "Lesbian Spank Inferno" is owned by Dan McGill in Chalk and by Steve Taylor in Coupling


The tune that Lynda Day whistles in Press Gang:Going Back To Jasper Street is the same that Hyde whistles in Jekyll's first episode.


Spike Thompson, Press Gang, "My ego got so big it left me"
Hyde, Jekyll, "My ego got so big it left me"

The child, Doctor Who:Empty Child, "Are you my mummy?"
Hyde, Jekyll, "Are you my daddy?"

Colin, Press Gang:Head and Heart, "You look much better up close than through binoculars."
Jane, Coupling, "Binoculars don't do that man justice - which I think he was pleased to know!"

Mark, Joking Apart, "Life is nature's way of keeping meat fresh."
The Doctor, Doctor Who:The Doctor Dances, "Life is nature's way of keeping meat fresh."

Julie, Press Gang, "I told my domestic science teacher that she had the IQ of plankton. But she seemed pleased."                                  

Miss Evangelista, Doctor Who:Forest Of Silence, "My father said I had the IQ of plankton, I was pleased. No really, I was pleased."


A two way conversation in real time with a recorded message - Doctor Who:Blink and Jekyll.

Being given instructions by wire - Chalk, Coupling:Faithless and Press Gang:Deadline (unfilmed)

Mark Taylor in Joking Apart first meets his wife, Becky at a funeral. Steve Taylor in Coupling also first met Jane at a funeral.


Julia Sawalha - Press Gang, Doctor Who:The Curse Of Fatal Death

Gina Bellman - Coupling, Jekyll

Paul Raffield - Press Gang:Bad News, Joking Apart

Geoffrey McGivern - Press Gang:Food, Love And Insecurity, Murder Most Horrid:Overkill, Joking Apart

Paul Reynolds - Press Gang, Murder Most Horrid:Elvis, Jesus And Zack, Exam Conditions

Nick Stringer - Press Gang, Murder Most Horrid:Elvis, Jesus And Zack

Jake Wood - Press Gang:Killer On The Line/The Rest Of My Life, Murder Most Horrid:Elvis, Jesus And Zack

Kevin Allen - Press Gang:Bad News, Murder Most Horrid:Dying Live

Paul Mark Elliot - Press Gang:Holding On, Joking Apart

Tony Gardner - Joking Apart, Jekyll

Michael Jayston - Press Gang:UnXpected, Stay Lucky:The Devil Wept In Leeds

Andrew Livingston - Press Gang:The Big Finish/Rock Solid, Chalk

Marc Bannerman - Chalk, Coupling


A Talwinning Street appears in Press Gang:Windfall

In Joking Apart, Becky arranges to meet Mark in the pub on Talwinning Street.

In Chalk, there is a fertility clinic on Talwinning Street.

Daisy Talwinning is a character in Murder Most Horrid:Dying Live.

Andrea Talwinning is the lead character, The Librarian, in Doctor Who:Continuity Errors.