The launch of a new London freesheet in Soho Square 

September 4th 2006. 4.30pm. The launch of Rupert Murdoch's new freesheet, 'thelondonpaper', a free rival to the long-standing 'Evening Standard', whose publishers have already launched an afternoon/evening freesheet of their own, 'London Lite'. All across London, inflatable sofas have been installed to let 'thelondonpaper' readers have a sit down - and probably provide photo opportunities for tomorrow's edition.

Like this sofa in Soho Square, surrounded by 'thelondonpaper' marketeers and sellers. Middle of the media district, a perfect place one would have thought to launch such a venture. Note the TV cameras ready. And notice one fellow below, dressed in brown, being handed the first 'thelondonpaper' of the day at 4.31pm...

...before sitting down and pulling out a copy of 'London Lite' from under his shirt. Then sit there reading for a few minutes before the marketeers, vendors and cameramen realise - "hang on, he's got the wrong newspaper - that's the wrong newspaper!" "Is it? Is it really?"

"Oh yes, so it is... well I never. It was just lying there..."

RichAndMark beat a hasty retreat. What are the odds these photos don't appear in tomorrow's 'thelondonpaper'?

UPDATE: From Mediaweek's Diary Page...