Marjon Katerberg


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Marjon Katerberg lives in Holland, although her work as a sculptor brings her all over the world. Since 1991 she is hooked on sculpting and has been able to turn her passion into a lifestyle. She started out as a sand sculptor, and became involved in designing sand parks since 1998, attractions that amaze huge audiences up to more than 400.000 visitors.  

As artistic director of more than a dozen parks Marjon feels it is a privilege to be able to transform her ideas into fantastic sculptures with fellow sculptors. She gets motivated and inspired to work in cooperation with so many gifted artists on these group projects, but also derives great satisfaction out of working solo in competitions and on smaller projects of her own. If you don’t find her on the beach, she is working in her atelier, painting and sculpting in a variety of mediums.

Since 2000 Marjon also became involved in ice and snow events, a new challenge to keep her skills “fresh”, either designing, sculpting or managing the artistic side of  building large snow and ice parks in acclimatized tents.

As a trained teacher, she enjoys passing on her knowledge to other people that are touched by the interest for creating art.

Her work has brought her to projects throughout Europe, but also in Asia, Russia and North America. Working in an international setting is part of the fun; getting to know so many people from different backgrounds, all connected by the drive to create something beautiful, makes her work a real pleasure.