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Selected publications

Articles in journals

Bimler, David and Uusküla, Mari “”Clothed in triple blues”: Sorting out the Italian Blues(2014). Journal of the Optical Society of America A, 31 (4), A332-A340.

Bimler, David; Kirkland, John and Uusküla, Mari, “Applying Points-of-View analysis to individual variations in colour sorting data (2014, forthcoming). Journal of Cognition and Culture.

Uusküla, Mari, Liivi Hollman and Urmas Sutrop (2012) Basic colour terms in five Finno-Ugric languages and Estonian Sign Language: A comparative study. Journal of  Estonian and Finno-Ugric Linguistics JEFUL, Eesti ja soome-ugri keeleteaduse ajakiri ESUKA 3, 1,  47-86.

Oja, Vilja and Mari Uusküla (2010) Mõnest värvinimetusest ja nende tähendusvahekordadest eesti ja soome keeles. [On some colour terms and their semantic relationships in Estonian and Finnish.] (2010) Eesti Rakenduslingvistika Ühingu Aastaraamat [Estonian Papers in Applied Linguistics] 6, 195-206.

The basic colour terms of Czech (2008) Trames 12, 1, 3-28.

The Basic Colour Terms of Finnish (2007) SKY Journal of Linguistics 20, 367-397.

Uusküla, Mari and Urmas Sutrop (2007) Preliminary study of basic colour terms in modern Hungarian.  Linguistica Uralica 43, 2, 102-123.

Distribution of colour terms in Ostwald's colour space in Estonian, Finnish, Hungarian, Russian and English (2006) Trames 10 (2), 152-168

Articles in books/ book chapters

Tavast, Arvi, Uusküla, Mari, Parker, Kelly and Sutrop, Urmas (2013). „Using probabilistic conceptual graphs for representing colour terms in dictionaries“. Rossi, Maurizio, toim. “Color and Colorimetry Multidisciplinary Contributions”. Rimini: Maggioli Editore, 455–466.

Eessalu, Martin & Uusküla, Mari (2013). The special case of beige: a cross-linguistic perspective. Rossi, Maurizio, ed. “Color and Colorimetry Multidisciplinary Contributions”. Rimini: Maggioli Editore, 168176.

Uusküla, Mari (2014, forthcoming). Linguistic categorisation of blue in Standard Italian. Proceedings of the 3rd Progress in Colour Studies Conference in Glasgow, 14–17 July, 2012. Biggam, et al., toim. 15 lk. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

Uusküla, Mari (forthcoming). Mediterranean ecology and the colour blue in Standard Italian. In Alexander Borg, ed. The language of color in the Mediterranean, 2nd ed.

Uusküla, Mari (2011) Terms for red in Central Europe: an areal phenomenon in Hungarian and Czech. In Carole P. Biggam, Carole A. Hough, Christian J. Kay and David R. Simmons, eds. New Directions in Colour Studies, 147-156. Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins.

Oja, Vilja and Mari Uusküla (2011) Indo-European Influence on Finnic colour naming and categorisation. In Stavroula Varella, ed. Languages and Cultures in Contact and Contrast: Historical and contemporary perspectives,  7-18. Athens: Athens Institute for Education and Research. Joint paper with Vilja Oja.

Uusküla, Mari and Urmas Sutrop (2010) The puzzle of two terms for red in Hungarian. In Jan Wohlgemuth ja Michael Cysow, eds. Rara and Rarissima: Documenting the fringes of lingustic diversity. Empirical Approaches to language typology, 359-376. Berlin/New York: De Gruyter Mouton.

Uusküla, Mari (2009) Some remarks on colour naming differences in Finnish. In Kodukeel ja keele kodu [Home language and the home of language]. Marja Kallasmaa and Vilja Oja, eds. Eesti Keele Instituudi toimetised [Publications of the Institute of the Estonian Language], 265-272.

Articles in conference proceedings / Published abstracts

Bimler, David; Uusküla, Mari (2013). Sorting out the Italian blues: a pointsofview analysis of colour sorting data. Bonnardel, Valérie; Barbur, John; RodríguezCarmona, Marisa (Toim.) The 22nd Symposium of the International Colour Vision Society. Abstract book. Winchester, United Kingdom, July 14-18 2013, (153).

Uusküla, Mari (2012). Variability of colour prototypes in different languages. Abstracts of the LAUD Symposium 2012. Cognitive Psycholinguistics: Bilingualism, Cognition and Communication. Series A: General ja Theoretical Papers, paper no. 769. Essen: LAUD 2012. (106-107).

Uusküla, Mari (2008) Distribution of basic colour terms in Ostwald's colour space in Hungarian and Finnish. In Gard B. Jenset, Øystein Heggelund, Margrete Dyvik Cardona, Stephanie Wold, Anders Didriksen, toim. Linguistcs in the Making. Selected papers from the Second Scandinavian PhD Conference in Linguistics and Philology in Bergen, June  4-6, 2007, 437-455. Oslo: Novus.

Edited book

Uusküla, Mari and Urmas Sutrop, eds (2011) Värvinimede raamat [A book of colour terms]. 480 pp. (Töid antropoloogilise ja etnolingvistika vallast, 5.) Tallinn: Eesti Keele Sihtasutus.

PhD dissertation

Uusküla, Mari (2008) Basic colour terms in Finno-Ugric and Slavonic Languages: Myths and Facts. (Dissertationes Linguisticae Universitatis Tartuensis, 9.) Tartu: Tartu University Press. 206 pages.