Welcome to my personal homepage!

I am Associate Professor of Translation studies at Tallinn University, School of Humanities, Western European Studies.

I am interested in how language, perception and thought interfere with each other. My reseach intrests include linguistic typology, linguistic and perceptional categorisation, comparative linguistics and psycholinguistics. My special interest is related to colour language and categorization. I teach psycholinguistics, linguistic anthropology, semantics and other theoretical courses at Tallinn University and supervise gradute and doctoral students.

Here you will find some information on my research interests, publications, talks, teaching, etc.

Tallinn University
School of Humanities
Study area: Western European Studies
Narva Road 29
10120 Tallinn, Estonia

Tel. +372 6409385
E-mail: mari(dot)uuskula(at)tlu(dot)ee

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