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Acxiom Corporation 

  • 11/2012 - Złoty rekord w zarządzaniu danymi (Golden Record in data management)
          Marketing Article for Polish Direct Marketing Association (SMB) bulletin
  • 10/2009 - Enterprise Architecture for Data Processing (White Paper)

Technical White Paper (no. AC-1010-09) for the marketing department, available at www.acxiomit.com.

Software Developer's Journal 

  • 8/2009 - Groovy, Grails i rusztowania (Groovy, Grails and scaffolding) 

Technical article describing the Grails framework and its usage in  creating web based applications.

  • 6/2008 - Hibernate
                    Technical article about usage of the JBoss  Hibernate Archive.
  • 1/2007 -  Adnotacje Struts – tworzenie kontrolera w Java EE (Struts annotations - setting up the controller in Java EE)
                Technical article about usage of xDoclet annotations technology in  Struts framework and Java 1.4


  • 5/2008 Zdalne zarzadzanie - NetBus Pro (Remote management - NetBus Pro)

Security article about usage of NetBus backdoor virus for network managment.