Graduate Work

Michigan State University 

 CEP 805: Learning Math with Technology
CEP 810: Teaching for Understanding with Computers
CEP 811: Adapting Innovative Technologies to Education
CEP 812: Applying Educational Technology to Problems of Practice
Earned the 'Educational Technology Certificate'
CEP 800: The Psychology of Learning in Schools and Other Settings
CEP 815: Technology and Leadership
CEP 822: Approaches to Educational Research
CEP 807: Proseminar in Educational Technology
CEP 817: Learning Technology through Design
CEP 818: Creativity in Teaching and Learning

MAET Artifacts The following are some of my artifacts from my graduate studies.

iVideo: Culminating artifact from Year 3.  Production of a video on a topic that motivates and compels both the creator and viewers. Featured on website of the International Honor Society, Kappa Delta Pi.

It's a Jing-Off!

i-Image:  Creating a visually compelling image that portrays an educational concept.  My focus was literacy.

Word is a Verb.  We were to use Microsoft Word for more than the basic text template.  I explored various methods of using illustrations and shapes, text, and borders.

Plymouth Walking Tour:  Using PowerPoint to make a non-linear, stand alone presentation about some sights in Plymouth, England.

Website: Using Adobe Fireworks and Dreamweaver, the assignment was to create a series of websites that would be useful to you as an educator.   Click HERE to view the Book Talks site I started.

Year 1 Final artifact: I created a step-by-step instructional Word document for my students as we began social networking on

TPACK: Research-based planning for a literature unit.

Year 2 artifacts: Graduate work using new Web 2.0 technologies, website creating software, and visual and audio editing software.

PLATE Conference: Helped to create, plan, and implement a professional conference focused on educational technology.

MSU's Graduate Studies in Technology Education - Overseas