You can place an order for a particular scarf by emailing
I currently will do things on commission, I will also rework old designs. 
Prices reflect current price of materials and hours spent on particular piece.
Email for more specific details.

"The production of women’s hand painted silk scarves is a long and time-consuming process which involves a number of steps. First of all the artist must create a unique design for each piece and then either create a template of the outline of the design or apply the outline directly to the tightly stretched silk fabric using wax to set boundaries for each color which is to be introduced into the material. Using a variety of painting techniques to create blocks of color, shading and other types of effect, the dyes are applied using a paintbrush to create these wearable works of art, and then the scarf is finished with a process of steaming to fix the color and remove the wax borders. Finally it is washed to remove any excess dye, with the remaining color able to withstand years of hand washing without fading.
          ~History of Hand Painted Silk Scarves