Hello, I am Marissa Mack,
            the artist behind MarissaInk.

I am a recent Art History graduate from Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana. 
Through my time at Purdue, I had the opportunity to take many Art Labs and fun classes. In the beginning of my college career, I was a declared Photography major, which has now come in handy with marketing. After switching over to Art History, I still had a desire to work with my hands, so I took over the required amount of Art Labs.

Two Art Classes in particular sparked a passion with ink/dye. The first was in the spring of 2010. I had the opportunity to take a screen printing class with a fantastic instructor. Since completing that class, I have made sets of note cards and some t-shirts.  In the Spring of 2011, I fell in love with my Dyed Textile class and learning how to hand paint silk scarves. Being the secretary of the art club, Textiles at Purdue [TAP], I had the opportunity to be a part of the First Annual Scarf Sale. 
It is through these classes I have the opportunity of a lifetime, share my passion of art with you! 

Please feel free to contact me at MarissaInks@gmail.com. Comments/Questions welcome!
Also I will be trying to blog about whatever current project I am working on at http://marissainks.blogspot.com/