More Designs

You can place an order for a particular scarf by emailing
Any designs shown can be redone in a different size or colors for no additional fee. 
However dramatic changes to design may have additional charge. 
Prices reflect current price of materials and hours spent on particular piece. 
Email for more specific details.

Peacock Feather, Royal Blue With Emerald, Drawn in Gold and Black Resist.
14"x72" Fringeless Silk Scarf
Available at BeDazzling Boutique, Carmel

...By Any Other Name,
Rose Colored Flowers 
with Blue- Green Leaves
14"x72" Fringeless Silk Scarf
Availible Online

Apricot and Burnt Sienna, Hand Painted Stripes with Two Paw Prints on each end

14"x72" Fringeless Silk Scarf
Available Online $30

Small Green with Paisleys 
Kelly Green Hand Painted Stripes 
with Black Hand Drawn Paisleys on each end 

8x72" Fringeless Silk Scarf
Available Online $20