We host many wwoofers throughout the season. We love this program, and are so grateful for the incredible and varied contributions of all the many amazing visitors to our farm! Thank you all individually and collectively for your wonderful energy and your support of organic agriculture!!

Members of the wwoof program, both in Canada and Internationally visit us throughout the season and lend their smiling faces and helping hands to our farm labours. Our work season starts in February, with seeding in the greenhouse, construction and odd jobs, and continues throughout the season.

Wwoofers learn all aspects of vegetable production, as well as contributing to the care of our fruit trees, poultry flock, and gardens. We dry, can and process fresh fruit and vegetables throughout the season as well, for those who want to learn about self sustainability. I find that each wwoofer brings their own unique and special skills with them, and we encourage the expression and growth of individual abilities, and appreciate all contributions.

Most of our work is done in the early part of the day, when it is still cool, leaving the afternoons open for pursuit of fun! We have a canoe and inflatable boats to play in the river, bicycles, hula hoops, balls, and computers to play with, and of course a beautiful mountainous grassland outside the door for hiking, nature and wildlife viewing!

We have two cabins overlooking the Similkameen River for our wwoofers to stay in, as well as an RV, a spare room, and tents for the adventerous souls!!