Hello my name is MARiO, and I am 14 years old. I was born in San Pablo, but I have lived in Richmond my whole life. Living in Richmond kind of sucks because it is so dangerous. Because it is so dangerous, my parents don't let me walk to a lot of places that are a few blocks away. I am about to tell whoever reads this my goals. I am telling you my goals for the reason that it is a project, in a program I'm in called summer bridge. This page is made for friends, family, teachers, and fans.

      My goals after high school are to go to college. When I go to college I would like to get two majors. The first major I would like to get is a math major. My second major would be a business major. After college I would like to be an accountant, and start my own business. Over my career I also want to start my own family.

      To get where I want to be in life later on, I would need to make a few changes of myself. The biggest change I might have to do to get through high school is to not be as loquacious. Ever since I started elementary I have been loquacious. Another change I would need to do is to stay focused a lot more. The changes I might have to do to get to a good college are to get good grades and classes in high school. That means I am going to have to get geometry on my freshman year, Algebra 2 in my sophomore year, pre-calculus on my junior year, and get calculus A.P. on my senior year. One of the most important things is that I pass the CAHSEE. Because if I don't, I will not be able to graduate. So in order to be prepared for that I'm going to take a prep class. It will also do me good if I do well on my science classes. Another good thing is to be multilingual.


      The club I would like to join is football team and health academy. I like the idea of playing of playing football. My P.E. teacher, the 6'3'' Irish-white native, suggested I start lifting weights over the summer. Because I am 6 feet tall, I have a good chance of playing as a linebacker. I would also like to join the health academy. After the incident of me breaking my arm, I think people working as any type of doctor, pediatrician, nurse, etc. Are cool. I think I would really enjoy having a career of helping other people, in their health.


      After finishing high school, I am  going to college. I do hopefully get to a great if not good. Right now my goal is to go to UC Berkeley. If not to: Stanford University, UCLA, UC Davis, St. Mary's College of California, California Institute of Technology, Princeton University, or Harvard University. In case I don't make those universities, there are a lot more left.


      As you can see, I am going to have to go through a lot to get where I want to be. I think it will all be worth it at the end. Because if I do it right, it would be a better life for me in the future. Thank you for reading my goals and for coming to my page.