Akathistos Ymnos

The Akathistos hymn (Akathistos Ymnos) is the most famous Byzantine hymn to the Virgin Mary. This hymn expresses that devotion to The Mother of God. This devotion to the Mother of God became central to the Identity of Constantinople, the capital city of the Byzantine Empire, in the sixth century, when she was taken as the protector of the city. Tradition says that after the Byzantine Empire won the war, the citizens of Constantinople gathered in the Holy Temple of Saint Sofia and sung the Akathistos Hymn while standing (that is why is called Akathistos = no sitting)
Anoixantaria - Ioannis Arvaniti - part (In the introduction read a justification for using the "oxeia" as an orthographical sign).
Tin Oreotita Slow and Fast version (Petros Lambadarios)
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