Club Staff and Contact

Marion Soccer Club

The following list of volunteers have dedicated their time and energy towards keeping this organization and the local soccer playing youth, running. Please feel free to contact any of us with questions by sending an email to We will forward your comments and questions to the appropriate person. 
Thank you.

President: Steven Taylor

Vice President: Jeff Miller

Registar: Val VanGee

Treasurer: Jenn Brown-Walters

Secretary: Melanie Conover

Webmaster: Valerie VanGee

Field Coordinator(s): Rich Crego

Coaching Educator:  Rob Marotta

Equipment/Uniform Coordinator: Val VanGee

Coaching Staff 2016-2017

U9 co- ed - Valerie VanGee

U11 B - Adam Casper and Jeff Miller


U15B - Mark DeYoung and Jason Hosbach

U18B - Steven Taylor, Chris McKechney and Jeff MIller


U11G - Jason Hosbach

U13G - Melanie Conover, Jason Szotack 

U15G - Steven Taylor, Rich Crego

U18G -Lori Delyser, Rob Marotta