Flathead County Library

Marion School students, staff, and community members  benefit greatly from a long time partnership with the Flathead County Library. They are able to check out more than 1 million materials,  (books, movies, music).


·        They can check the Marion card catalog from any  internet enabled computer.


·        They can put books on hold and have them delivered right to the Marion school library.   Many students take advantage of this ability.


 Probably the greatest, most tangible advantage is that Flathead County Library (and by extension, Marion) is a member of the Montana Shared Catalog.


The Flathead County Library website is located at:



All of the MSC partner libraries (including Marion) have their card  catalog online, in alphabetical order. Just click on the drop down arrow to the right of the Search box.
About 1/3 of the partner libraries are school libraries.



·        Because of our partnership with the Flathead County library, students have read books from libraries in Belgrade to West Yellowstone, and 75 or so in between. 


Almost every week in library class the students  get on a computer in the lab to check their accounts, they can put books on hold, renew books, etc. all from their accounts.