Hello! My name is Marion Wittmann. I am originally from Los Angeles, CA area and now I live in Reno, NV with my husband, Chris and my little brown dog, Tater. I love lakes, happy hours and nice people who want to make a difference.

I am an environmental scientist and aquatic ecologist who has worked extensively in the research and management of freshwater systems. I have a focus on understanding the ecological impacts that are caused by stressors to lake and reservoir systems and creating novel solutions to reduce unwanted effects. I have nearly 20 publications in peer reviewed journals and have produced over 10 technical reports submitted to state or federal agencies. These works have directly influenced the policy and management of multiple aquatic systems including Lake Tahoe, Lake Mead and the Great Lakes.

I have extensive experience in project management, grant writing, fundraising, and coordinating working groups to produce high quality research and management objectives, in a timely manner. I also have extensive experience acquiring federal, state and regional permitting in order to conduct research in sensitive and bi-state locations. I enjoy mentoring students and staff and working in group settings (large or small), and find that a fun and lively work environment translates into a happy and sustainable staff and a better product! My professional goals are rooted in the sensible conservation of aquatic systems, ranging from reservoirs to high mountain lakes.

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Marion Wittmann,
Sep 9, 2014, 2:31 PM